Friends Don’t Let Friends Drake Dial

For some reason Drake tends to draw attention on our website as you see here and here. This time Drake peaks our interest from his latest album “Take Care” and the single Marvin’s Room. Marvin’s room is a ballad in which Drake details a night in which he gets on the drank libations and proceeds to communicate with an ex girlfriend/boo.  As one would expect, this conversation consisted of his feelings and wanting to re-connect with her in some fashion.

Upon hearing the song and lyrics we here at Swaggerful immediately adopted the phrase “Friends don’t let friends Drake Dial”.  What we mean by the Drake dial or text is basically the late drunk dial or the reminiscence on the love we once had (shoutouts to Mary J Blige) call/text to a former ex/boo. Don’t get me wrong it is quite feasible to work out a relationship with an ex, but it’s highly unlikely thru the Drake dial. Let’s take a look at some of the lyrics:

“The woman that I would try Is happy with a good guy But I’ve been drinking so much
That I’ma call her anyway…”

There is nothing worse than knowing an ex you cared about has moved on and is with someone else however, Drake dialing will do you no good. For starters, it’s usually not good decorum to intervene with someone’s relationship ESPECIALLY if that person is your ex. Having a heart filled rant with your ex which includes something along the lines of “Man y’all just met” “Man forget that dude/female” , or the infamous “He/she don’t put it down like me” is extremely for a lack of a better word tacky . Stop keeping score on your ex and move on because you’re very likely blocking your own blessing. Let that man/woman be great which brings us to the next lyrics….

“and say F- that dude that you love so bad”

Blatant disregard for an ex’s current boo or significant other is HIGHLY disrespectful. Either one can have a straight honey badger rampage on your comments on a Drake dial. Granted that maybe some hyperbole but look ex’s are out here pulling all of their former mates teeth out with no remorse. I want NO part of that game….

“I’m just sayin’ you could do better”

I’ll admit I don’t even know your ex but it is likely they could do better. Drake dialing to convey that point though? Nah that isn’t tasteful by any means. Not to mention I’m pretty sure you aren’t on their payroll or getting a 1099 to give them relationship advice.  The point here is this:

Telling your ex the quote above or something similar is telling them they make questionable decisions regarding their mates…..which also means they made a questionable decision on you….let that sink in.

Look libations and/or being in one’s feeling box can bring the best and worst out of us which can include lifelong revelations on life, love, money, and anything else you can think of. The Drake Dial, which is usually influenced by either, tends to maintain the worst and should be avoided at all cost. That about wraps it up folks. What are your thoughts on the Drake dial? Any stories worth telling (good, bad, pure hilarity) leave in the comment box.


D Shep