A Gentleman’s Guide

It’s now 2010 and the world is changing more rapidly than ever.  We live in an anything goes society. You can say any curse word you want to on regular TV now. There is no censorship anymore. I recently watched an episode of “Two-And-A-Half-Men” (the show with Charlie Sheen who was arrested on charges of domestic assault less than a year ago, by the way) and the show depicted men terribly. This particular episode made it seem as if all men do it make jokes about genitalia, have sex with as many women as possible, and smoke weed.

Things are changing in corporate America as well. The success gap between men and women is shrinking. It’s even been said that women will eventually start to out-earn men in annual salary due to the fact that women are graduating college at a higher percentage than men. Why is it every time there is a scandal with one of these Fortune 500 companies it is involving the men and never the women. Are men more desperate to get ahead then women, where we will abandon our good ethics and morals?

A few of my colleagues and I often joke about a certain mall in Houston where you can go to and watch pure comedy. You often see a group of guys posted up on the wall. Then some attractive female will cross their path, and the next thing you know one of the guys is pulling on her arm. “Say, say, say little momma….” is then spoken. Of course the female gets annoyed and then the guy curses her out for being “stuck up” just because she did not want to give him the time of day. Guys, please pay attention. Rule #1: NEVER STOP A FEMALE ON THE MOVE. The success rate is pretty low.

How many times have you heard, “Wow, you’re such a gentleman.  I’m not used to this”?  Why not? Shouldn’t that be the status quo? I was even watching a reality show a few days ago where a very popular female superstar was so impressed and happy that her date pulled out her chair for her. She said no one has done that for her in 10years (She was probably exaggerating, but you get the point.).

MEN:  We need to get back to the basics. We need to get back to being gentlemen. I would like to introduce some fine reading material I suggest every gentleman should pick up. It is a book titled: As A Gentleman Would Say. The authors are John Bridges and Bryan Curtis. It teaches or shows responses a gentleman should use in life’s important (and sometimes awkward) situations. It covers topics such as

  • How to ask for a dance
  • How to respond when an acquaintance asks a gentleman to reveal his salary
  • How to make a toast
  • When a friend offers to arrange a blind date for a gentleman
  • When a gentleman is asked to substantiate a rumor
  • And much more…

For example:

When gentleman gets a promotion and a coworker does not, he does not say, “I told you you should have chipped in on the boss’s Christmas present.” Or “Bet you wish you hadn’t bought that new BMW.” Or “Guess the cream always rises to the top”.

But he does say, “Joe, I’m looking forward to our continuing to work together. Let’s grab some lunch.”

The excerpts in this book are short and it makes for some easy reading. Pick up a copy and watch how your rhetoric will improve. Before you know it, you will be quite the “gentleman” in no time.

As A Gentleman Would Say Book

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