Drake’s Second Chance

Drake has generated a lot of publicity as the future of hip hop. Although tracks from his first album were leaked two weeks ago, Drake’s album release will still be known as one of the most anticipated album release for 2010. I’m not concerned with this hype as much as a the very needed second chance Drake must use to his advantage.

In life it is very rare to get a do over or a second chance, however when you are athlete, musician, or any type of famous celebrity, you tend to receive these opportunities more than others. The opportunity I am referring to for Drake is an authentic music video for one of these dang lovey tunes that woman enjoy. As you remember we posted the first video on our site last summer which was of course removed by “copyright holder”. This first video was in the words and voice of Charles Barkley, “Tuhrible”! Lyrics for Best I Ever Had were simple and conveyed a simple message but Kanye produced a video that was quite terrible for this song. All Drake had to do was grab a fly honey, walk down the street rapping these lyrics, and this video would have been M-O-N-E-Y. Of course this isn’t what Kanye had in mind with the message behind the song. Kanye wanted you to think and in the process enjoy some great bouncing gym boobs! Luckly for Drake, he had PLENTY and I mean PLENTY of other songs that were hits or collaborations with others in the industry minimizing any damage.

I bring this up topic because on his new album Thank Me Later, Drake has another opportunity to woo the woman folk with this track “Fancy” featuring T.I. (fellow woo-er) and Swizz Beatz (well not a woo-er per say but he did snag Alicia?). With Swizz Beatz providing the question of the summer, “Ohh you fancy ha?” and glorying woman for having “everything did”, this song has high potential. Well not from that so much, but Drake’s and T.I.’s verses are easy on the ear and again have those simple lyrics that appeal to the woman folk who are taking care of themselves.

So no big bouncing boobs, strip clubs, or money flying everywhere for this one. I suggest maybe following a group of upscale woman taking care of business and proceeding to party at a summer social event with some good ole sun dresses(y’all know me). Thoughts on the song? Drake’s album? Other albums that are coming out this summer? Leave comments….


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