As the Lakers and Celtics battle for an amazing 12th time for World Champions, the NBA will head to the exciting times of the NBA draft and free agency. The draft will have its usual standouts oozing with talent such as John Wall, Evan Turner, and D Cousins to name a few but free agency will garner most if not ALL the attention this summer. Why? Because Lebron James, the second best player in the league (yea I said it), is in the market and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has any idea where he will end up. As someone who loves the game, I felt it necessary to express my thoughts on the situation. For the following somewhat logical and just because I want to reasons, I want to tell Lebron “STAY YO ASS IN CLEVELAND (SYAIC)”.

The Shot……The Drive…..The Elbow

Cleveland has been harassed with TERRIBLE sports teams. To top this when they have any decent teams they get haunted by greatness. It will never matter how many points, rebounds, assists or any other stat you can dig up on one Craig Ehlo because he will be forever be known as that guy who Jordan hit “The Shot” on.  Just in case you haven’t been alive and seen the sheer greatness here is that video:

Jordan The Shot

To add to this city’s embarrassment, the curse extends to football with John Elway’s 98 yard symphony against the Browns on their HOME field. This march down the field has been deemed “The Drive” and led to a touchdown that eventually eliminated a Browns team that had hopes of winning it all. Cleveland Indians you ask? Well two of the league’s best pitchers were once on this team (Sabathia and Cliff Lee) with Lee winning a ring with the Phillies.


We could possibly have “The Elbow” added to the slew of embarrassing Cleveland sports moments. No doubt there was something going on with LEE Bron against the Celtics and one would look no further than Boston’s great defense, his teammate potentially sleeping with his mom, or that infamous elbow.  Regardless what kept the team from winning it all this year, if Lebron leaves The Elbow will be thrown into the mix of sports catastrophes for this city. Lebron was raised 40 miles away from Cleveland and being an essential hometowner (we make up words at swaggerful) adding to Cleveland’s failures is not a good look. With that said……Lebron SYAIC!


As a free agent, Lebron has teams that are very interested in his services which include New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles Clippers.  These teams have the resources to sign Lebron to a new deal however, I don’t think any of them garner him a better situation than before or the future.

Starting with those Los Angeles Clippers, their Lebron case has some serious flaws. On paper Lebron with this team does not look bad at all. A veteran pg in B Diddy, youngsters Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin to fill up outside and the inside, and Kaman to eat space in the middle and can hit a little jumper here and there off the pick and roll. Looks good right?! Meh, I am not sold. This group has been plagued with injuries with all except Gordon, missing extensive time in a season for injury purpose. In addition to this, the saying “Go west young man!” wonderfully composed by John Soule in 1851 should very much stay in 1851. Look at the west currently for a minute:

Kobe for sure has five very GOOD years left in him and a nice crew alongside w/Gasol and Bynum.

Oklahoma City’s foundation of youth looks SCARY.

Portland is young and very deep when they are healthy.

Dallas will be in contention if they resign Dirk.

Utah with Jerry Sloan as coach will never be an easy out. This can also be said for the Spurs with Popovich even though Duncan looks like he has lost a step or two.

Houston won’t be too shabby with the return of a healthy Yao.

and Denver looks like they can get another 2 yrs out of a Chauncey/Carmelo duo that just seemed to be a little off with Coach Karl gone.

Then also consider the NBA Champions for the past 10 years. The West has won 7 of 10 which have been shared between the Lakers/Spurs. Though the Lakers capitalized on Shaq going West, he had a very equal partner in that transition with Kobe. The Spurs on the other hand built their team with savvy coaching and cagey old school fundamental dudes. This is besides the point, look at those East teams carefully. The Pistons, Heat, and Celtics all have one thing in common. They featured star players on their teams who actually went EAST with Rasheed leaving Portland, Shaq from the Lakers, and Ray Ray and KG from the former Sonics and Timberwolves respectively.

Translation: SYAIC Lebron

Now let’s look at those East contenders for Lebron. The Knicks get LBJ and who else do they have to surround him? Moving on. The Heat can have an explosive backcourt with LBJ/Wade that would lead to crazy ticket sales, top 10 plays, and very likely one of the highest scoring duos we would see in our generation.  Outside of this duo, can a group of Udonis Haslem, Beasley, and hmm Mario Chalmers/Carlos Arroyo (very sure they can’t bring Jermaine O’Neal back) lead the Heat back to championship glory? I wouldn’t be sold unless they bring back Pat Riley. Finally, the Bulls seem to be the favoring pick at this time. Surrounding LBJ in Chi-town would be give him a very legitimate point guard in D Rose and rising big man talent in Joakim Noah. More youth including Kirk Hinrich and Luol Deng with some old cagey vet in the mold of Charles Oakley and this lineup looks very intriguing out East. I just have one problem with this……it is in CHICAGO. I’m already tired of the Lebron/Jordan comparisons now so I will have to be regulated to even more Jordan/Lebron stats on 3 game home stands, West Coast road trips, and the infamous roadtrip Chicago goes on every year when the circus is in town (Did they have this when Jordan was in the league?). I don’t want to see it even though Chi-town does seem to be the best option out there for him. With that said, Lebron SYAIC.

So what to do?

Well Lebron SYAIC and here is why:

1         You are living the American dream. Playing your favorite sport in front of your home town fans that absolutely love you. You don’t leave this situation unless your team is terrible and ownership sucks which brings me to my next point….

2         Your team is not terrible and you have ownership that is at your beckoning. You needed someone to contain Dwight Howard so they went get Shaq. You needed an athletic tweener to contend with the likes of Rashard Lewis, Josh Smith, and etc., so they cut a deal and get you Jamison. They will do literally whatever YOU want so stay. It may be rough these next couple of years but you are the SECOND best player in the league, get it done.

3         You have been to the NBA Finals! Matter of fact you MacGyvered(told you we make up words) your way there with a ROOKIE guard (who rarely plays now), some gum, and an eight track player. Though it was a sweep , it was a very good Spurs team that featured Tony Parker playing out of his mind. Looking at the Cavs roster right now, a core of LBJ, Jamison, and Month Williams, isn’t just the scariest but mind you they finished the regular season with the most victories. It’s time for the next step LBJ, there will be a new coach and it is time to dig deep and make it happen.

These may not be the strongest reasons for him to stay or a practical solution but it makes sense to me. What are your thoughts on what Lebron should do? Should he go West or go East? If he stays, what will it take for Cleveland to finally get that ship?


2 thoughts on “Lebron-SYAIC

  1. Too much hype for someone who hasn’t won a ring yet. Lebron is wack. Going to the Heat has got to be the gayest move I’ve ever seen. I missi the Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Jordan, and Malone era where you played your whole career for just about only 1 team. No heart or honor these days. Every team’s goal is just to stack up, which is whey there are SOOO many weak teams today.

  2. Lebron SHOULD AND WILL stay in Cleveland!!!!!! he can get whatever he wants at that team!!!!! they will do what ever for him… i mean they fired the coach! and the GM!!!

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