WTDDFW October ’09

I apologize in advance for this post being late but was involved with other endeavors. This month featured two events/activities to add to your repertoire as a DFW resident. In addition to these two events, the State Fair was still going until this past Sunday. Enjoy!

Taste of Arlington (October 6th)

Although this event has already past, Taste of Arlington should definitely be inserted into your repertoire for future October outings. This event features different restaurants from the area bringing samples from their respective menus for patrons to try. Taste locations in Dallas and Addison featured the restaurants individually charging for the items on their menu while the Arlington taste charges you a straight price for a ticket allowing you to enjoy the different restaurants. I enjoy the latter as you get a myriad of food selection while not having to worry about time and money constraints.

Usual restaurants in attendance included the bigger chains such as Black Eyed Pea, Chili’s, and Panera Bread to smaller establishments like Italian pizza and pasta joint Birraporetti’s and Mexican inspired Mariano’s. With the recent addition of Arlington Highlands, restaurants such as P.F. Chang’s, Splitsville, Genghis Grill, Blackfinn, and Dave & Busters were added to the menu making the experience that much better. As I stated earlier I have the high preference for the way Taste of Arlington has there event because you get the opportunity to try everything. In addition to this, most of the places have extra food and want to get rid of it at the end of the night. While attending, my friend Nicole and I actually came across a couple that brought sandwich bags (they even offered us some which we willing accepted) to bring home the finest ribs and cookies. Early sale tickets for this event range in the $30s while the two weeks leading up will land you in the $40’s but again food, drink, and going with the right person/people will make it well worth it.

Fort Worth Alliance Air Show (October 24-25th)

This family event can be also used as a unique day (open 9am to 5pm) dating activity with a significant other. Fort Worth Alliance Air Show features aerobatic air shows by the US Navy Blue Angels and US Army Golden Knights. The event also features numerous exhibits from different sponsors which includes flight simulators and flight museum artifacts. Although admission for this event is free, parking is $20 and you also want to consider any extra cash you want for food and souvenirs. You can find more information for this show at http://www.allianceairshow.com/.


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