Let Me Put You on to Game…Part IV

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Although I only intended Let Me Put You on to Game to be a 3-part series, I’ve had some conversations with friends that have brought even more of the game to light.  Now, for the most part I’ve been explaining the opposite sex to the masses.  Tastees are a unique creature and it takes years of study (or a tastee on the inside who’s willing to help you out) to even come close to understanding them.  Still, even the most swaggerful of men can make some mistakes and not even know about it.  So now, let me put you on to game…

DON’T fight yourself! 

I’ve seen it time and time again; a young man meets a young woman.  Maybe she’s the woman of his dreams and he cares for her more and more each time he sees her.  Maybe she’s not the woman of his dreams, but someone who has been under his nose for a while that he just now noticed like finding a diamond hidden in your kitchen cabinet.  Either way, he likes this girl a lot, but he always finds some reason NOT to be with her.  She’s too much of this or she’s not enough that or maybe the timing just isn’t right.  You still want to be with her, just “not right now”.  Well my little swag apprentices, I will tell you this is a great way to lose a great woman.

Don’t fight yourself!! 1st of all if you do have any intention of making any kind of lasting relationship with this woman, even if it’s just friendship, it will go nowhere with you acting like a bipolar maniac!!  One day you’re hot, the next you’re cold.  This is confusing to tastees and given their pension for being overly emotional, this is likely to cause a blow up on her part or for her to really think you have a split personality and leave you alone altogether.  2nd, living your life constantly trying to avoid being hurt or any other number of bad outcomes isn’t really living at all.  Yes, it’s possible the relationship won’t work out, but it’s equally possible that it will! You can’t miss a shot you don’t take, but you can’t make it either…

DO tell her how you feel!

Now this is definitely the hard one.  We’ve already established that men tend to be the more rational of the sexes with women tending towards emotional displays much more than men.  Still, women want to know what you’re thinking.  It just makes us feel better or something.  Think about it like this; what if you could get your tastee of choice to tell you exactly what she thought about you, your relationship, and where the relationship was headed? Wouldn’t that give you a lot of insight as to how to treat her, how to approach the relationship, even if you want to be in a relationship at all!  Think about it another way; if you’re NOT feeling this girl or if you’re not feeling her the same way, telling her this could save you both a lot of time, drama, and heartache.  It may hurt at first, but in the end honesty like this is definitely the best policy.

Females are nurturers by nature and they often go out of their way to please their man.  The hours of college football, numerous brinners (breakfast for dinner), and all the other little things probably don’t mean much to you, but I PROMISE you, if you tell her you like these things, you’ll not only make her feel like she’s a good boo/girlfriend/jumpoff/whatever, but you’ll also pretty much guarantee she’ll keep doing these things.  I know getting emotional isn’t your forte but it definitely can pay off at times.  Nothing sexier than a man in tune with his feelings 😉

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more tidbits for my swaggerful men but until then…

Ciao Bellos!

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