You may want to get a Charlie

Yes please, get yourself a Charlie. Seeing my fellow writer Ms. Boss drop post after post on do’s and dont’s has inspired me to look at the perspective for ladies.  By no means again do I consider myself an expert especially on relationships, but I saw some similarities and universal points that could be conveyed thru the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

First, a five point summary on the movie:

1. Charlie is a young kid who lives with his family which includes parents and grandparents in a rather small house.

2.  Willy Wonka is giving the public the opportunity to tour his sweet (well literally) candy facilities and offering a lifetime supply of cavities chocolate (The stipulation of course is there are five people who can see this coveted facility by acquiring a golden ticket from his Wonka Bars and must sign a contract upon entering.)

3. Charlie lucks upon the final golden ticket and becomes one of the five to enter the Chocolate Factory.

4. Wonka takes the kids and chaperones around his luxurious factory with the kids (except Charlie) partaking into antics and shenanigans breaking the contract which ends their tour with a song from the diminutive oompa-loompas.

5. Charlie eventually partakes in one said shenanigan breaking the contract but passes one last “morality” test in which he and his grandpa receive the honor of entering the “Wonkavator” with Willy. In the Wonkavator, Charlie finds out he has now garnered the responsibility to run the factory as they cruise off into the sky. *End Scene*

A great movie classic bar none. This movie has been spoofed by comedy shows such as Family Guy, South Park, and The Office. However I digress, what does this have to do with dating and/or relationships? How could a movie circling around a chocolate factory have any relevance to a significant other? Proceed to view the points below from the following perspective: Wonka as woman, Charlie as man, and factory as the dating/relationship entity (word choice could be better here but meh).

Golden Ticket

As pointed out in the summary above, everyone could not enter the coveted Wonka Chocolate Factory. An opportunity was given for five and five only to enter the facilities. Golden ticket was your only entry unless you lucked up being of older age and able to chaperone one of the shenaniganny (yes that word is definitely made up) children.

Translation: For anyone(I guess especially women in this case) who has read the Steve Harvey book, Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man, then this is merely a repeat. Standards are a key because it helps understand who you are and what you want in a mate. How one establishes their standards is on them but it should be supported by the core values of how one lives or expects to progress in their life. Also, be able to differentiate between “golden ticket” standards and “regular” standards. Golden ticket standards are non-negotiable, there is no shuckin and jiving, maybe, or potentially, these are your requirements. Regular standards are those that are highly negotiable. For example, a gold ticket standard for me would be initiative in regards to spending time together because initiative shows me she is taking an active role within our factory (dating/relationship) letting me know she is engaged and quite possibly interested. A regular standard for myself would be something like race. Of course I have my preferences and by no means do I deem these factors trivial but again they are highly negotiable.

Factory Management

As established earlier, five lucky kids were able to find golden tickets. The movie showed rather highly self-involved kids who received their golden tickets with Mike Teevee (one of the kids) even shushing reporters so he doesn’t miss his weekly programming. Charlie on the hand exhibits a new found joy and even breaks out into tune as you see here…

Charlie Skippingly Happy

Translation: There are many people you can vibe and connect with that are congruent with your golden ticket standards however, some form of tact and decorum must be used when getting into the factory phase. I’m not saying use a series of test on the dude you are dating or in a relationship as Wonka employed but have some sense of awareness.  Going back to that Charlie video, he is eager and ready for the opportunity to enter the factory with a little bounce in his step. Any dude you are dating that is of a serious notion or relationship should exhibit some signs that are similar.

Lottery Ticket Syndrome

Lottery Ticket….wait that wasn’t in the movie? Yes I am aware but assuming Wonka wasn’t giving up his factory and did the golden ticket tour of his factory the following year one would think Charlie would be around candy stores search wrappers like a fiend. Charlie is not a lottery ticket syndrome dude.

Translation: Well starting with the lottery ticket syndrome. The lottery ticket syndrome goes as such:

Imagine a dude name Mike who goes to 7-11 everyday and puts down three dollars on the lottery every day. Monday, Tuesday, Friday the 13th, and the day after he forgot his momma’s birthday he is putting three dollars on the lottery.  So he does this for one year….two years….three years….and finally on that fifth year “BAM” hits that jackpot. $300 million cold hard annuity payments over 30 years. He is set, he is good, and so good that his children’s children children children are set. Well fifth year day one comes, is Mike still going to go that 7-11 and put down that three dollars or maybe just one or two if that or is Mike going to get comfortable and say nah I’m good?

Setting a solid foundation is imperative in any relationship prospective. With that said, a solid foundation NEVER by no means NEVER means complacency. In a serious dating and/or relationship entity EVERYONE needs to come into with overalls (or in my homegirl Nicole’s case suit and heels) on because relationships take work and need help in order to work and grow.

That’s it for this post. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think about it.

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  1. First things first… This movie is one or my favs second to Coming to America… And I must let you know that it was Charlie’s grandfather, not uncle. Also, I find your analogy very interestig being that I, for one, had never thought in a male to female ratio. Your points are very valid and forced me to check myself to make sure that I fall within the parameters for setting realistic standards…thank you for your POV! I’m on a manhunt for a skipping tune singer in may name :)

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