Crash Dummies….

Glad to have you all join us on another session of crash dummies. I am sure you have seen crash dummies by land, water and air. Be-ware of the crash dummies that travel by air. Take three!

Me: Hey, I sure am glad I bought that ticket 3 weeks ago for you to fly Continental from DC to Houston this Thursday.
Crash Dummy: Yay me too, I booked it to leave DC at 6:00 pm on Thursday and return at 8:00 am on Monday.

*************Thursday 5:00 PM in DC**********
Crash Dummy: *calls me franticly panting* Oh no, for some reason they cant find my flight
Me: What the hell, you are sure you booked it right, RIGHT?
Crash Dummy: Yeah, of course, IM NOT A DUMMY…. oh wait, wow here they found me, but for some reason the itinerary says Thursday from Houston to DC and Monday from DC to houston
Me: But thats exactly backwards from what it should be?
Crash Dummy: I know, how did i do that? What will I do now?  They want to charge $1200 to change this flight!?!
Me: And the crash dummy saga continues…

Situation 2:

Her: what??
i ain’t no damn ma’am
i’m in a league of my owh
Me: language
Her: lol
u kno what i mean
Me: you not rosie o’donnell
Her: lol
Me: or that fine blonde
Her: so
i still do what i want
Me: what is that blondes name…..she was nice with it
Her: what blonde? who?
Me: like main character in the movie
Her: in what movie?
Me: a league of their own…..
Her: MaDonna…???
Me: hmmm not quite, thank you though

<For the record, yes knew MaDonna is in the movie but looking for the non-famous blonde. We continue…..>

Her: oops
Me: you good
Her: now i wanna kno who she is too
Me: geena davis

Me:  at least in that movie
Her: she didn’t really curse tho
Her: i don’t get it
Me: re read the convo
Her: meh
i’m in class
no time
Her: oh i see

Situation 3:

Her: What you doing today?

Me: Just chilling for a bit and going to this concert you?

Her: what concert? Lil wayne??

Me: Yea that one

<I mean but what are you doing though? *Sigh* Seven hour recess>

Me: 7 hours later……no response……shame?

Her: ???? What. Lol. My bad! I thought it sent. —- lucky you! I wanna see drake!

<Well if it sent, then I wouldn’t say…aww well back to the convo>

Me: Alright that still doesn’t answer the queston. I dont know if he’s going to be there.

Her: Oh. Well he should be! I hope :)

<What the?? Light skinned dude got her all off topic from the question, gotta get her to focus>

Me: What about that question though

Her: I’m not ashamed…..(is that the question? Bc before that the only msg I got was “yea that one”)

Me: Scroll up read the convo for any other question marks I make

Her: Well tonight I’ve been……