Wine Tasting

A swaggerful event you could try your hand at is a wine tasting.  It doesn’t take much to set up and is very elegant, tasteful, and unique.  A lot of females are really into wine.

Follow My Steps to Success:

1. You must find a really fly spot to host it. The spot should not be too big. The smaller it is, the more intimate. Also make sure you have nice dim lighting.  It sets the right mood.

2. Make sure everyone is dressed to impress.  Females should be in dresses.  Men can get away with jeans but it’s so much more swaggerful to be in slacks.

3.  Provide crackers, cheese, and fruit to compliment the fine wine.  You can even have a fondue fountain.  It helps to create a delightful ambiance.

4. Have a thorough explanation of the different types of wines, history, health facts, how to properly drink the wine, etc.

5. Make sure you have dry, sweet, semi-sweet, red, and white wines.

6. Work the room. Make all your guests feel welcome and they will want to mix and mingle. You could even have a hostess at the front door to greet them.

7. Lasty, yet most importantly, make sure you’re the best dressed man in the room. Put every other man in the room to shame. When people walk in the room they should immediately know who the host is.

If you follow this road to success, then them boys will know you thorough and the girls will say “yes”.  You should have a successful wine tasting.


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  1. Great post, sir! Welcome to swaggerful and I look forward to being invited to the next wine tasting!!!

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