[My] Swag is goin’ goin’ back back to Vegas Vegas!

In this episode of Swaggerful, when Swag meets Sin City anything is possible.  Swagger so bright i dont even need light… These words will ring al through your head no matter day or night in Las Vegas!  Swaggers and swaggetts please give me your open mind and undivided attention as I dig down into the brains of a swagful weekend.

Planning:  First and foremost, this swagful weekend was all done without a taste of planning!  Swag requires you understanding what works good for you and your circle of friends. This circle of friends was able to adapt to any and everything and make the best of any situation confronted with.  After your first trip to Sin City you will understand that planning is not a necessity, the only requirement is that you make it back to your city of origin in one piece and sober enough to walk off the plane.

Day Life:   This time, the swagful Las Vegas vacation started each day by waking up to the remote-controlled opening of blinds and curtains in the Palazzo.  This is the perfect time to think about the slight headache from drinks the night before, what you will do this day, all while making sure you can find all your vacationers (make sure no one is stuck on the roof like Doug on Hangover).  Rise ‘n shine, time to shower and getcha act right for the day. For newbies, the daytime in vacation will probably filled with enjoying scenery and architecture of Vegas hotels.  First thing you will notice while moving through the streets of Las Vegas is that everyone is extra friendly and there to have a good time and let loose.  I mean it is the city of Sin.  For the rest of us ‘vets’, we spend our daytime shopping, going to shows or relaxing at some of Las Vegas’ best known pool parties – trust me its worth every cent of the daytime entry fee of $25 plus.  You will never know a pool party, until you go to the Palms pool party.  Never know who you will see, this time the DJ for Friday’s pool party was DJ Jazzy Jeff (from Fresh Prince).  Las Vegas plays music from coast to coast, so whether you are trying to Swag Surf or tell the person in next to you You’re a Jerk, you will definitely find your taste of music. I never seen so many people in such a large pool just chillaxin and having a swagful time.  To top of our Palm Pool Party experience, we had this Caucasian drummer (that was originally from Finland but grew up in South Africa yet understands and speaks some Igbo and Yoruba – Nigerian languages) invite us up to the second floor of his pool side suite.  Lets just say this ‘Little Drummer Boy’ was extra nice to use people of color and with his friendliness, you would forget he was paying $7k a night for this suite with a personal elevator and staircase, 4 flat screens, full size kitchen, poolside balcony, and huge Jacuzzi.  After tossing enough of his champagne and drinks back it was time to leave his balcony.  This is just one of the many swagful things to do to enjoy your Las Vegas daytime.

After soaking yourself to a day full of adventure, lets not forget the more important part of the day…. Eating!  There is always something delicious and nutritious.  Las Vegas is the place for high end eating with some low end prices.  Get out of your box and live a little, eat something you normally wouldn’t eat!  Try something like scallops wrapped in bacon on a bed of Veggies.  No matter what you try, make sure it is something that can nuture your swag!!

Night Life:  Where else in the world can you find so many hotel parties/clubs that are all crunk and have endless opportunity?  …Las Vegas Las Vegas big city of dreams!  Clubs to try are Encore’s XS, Caesar Palace’ Club Pure or Poetry, Venetician’s Tao, Palazzo’s Lavo, and many more.  The clubbing experience in Las Vegas is incredible.  You will finally listen to yourself when you say lets get there in early (by 11:00 pm); or you will just get there late (1:00 am) when the lines clear.  If those two ways aren’t swag enough for you, just find one of the bouncers and tip him well so you and your entourage can skip the lines or get a table. Either way you are sure to have a good time all the way till 5:00 am.  No need to go into detail here about what the clubs are like, everyone has been to a club… the only difference is Las Vegas clubs are filled with vacationers across the World there for one thing only… Fun times!

Early Day Life:  After the clubs close (or when everyone leaves), find your way into some of the after hours clubs that start at 4:00 am and go to 9:00 am.  Drais is the swag spot to be at during after hours times in Las Vegas.  Before you get in the club, you should take time to meet someone who can get you into the VIP/drinks session for free.  Just make friendly conversation with some of the local-ers (you can tell they local cause they know everyone) and boom there you go, VIP section for free.  Always fun times.  You will never know how much energy you have at 7:00 am after a full day until you put it to test.  Now that the after hours spot is done, calmly make your way to your hotel room as you walk by the early bird folks starting their day at 8 am.  Time for a quick 2 hour nap then start a new day!  This edition of Swaggerful was brought to you by “Yo Swag Owe My Swag Arythang”!The PalazzoChidi Opurum in VegasScallops wrapped in BaconEncore & WynnPalms' Pool PartyCaesars Palace

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