Crash Dummies….

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If you read a conversation and recognize that it may have been you that was the crash dummy, don’t be offended, we understand that sometimes people have their off days and you have been forgiven. Once again, these are REAL CONVERSATIONS.

Situation #5: With some similarity to situation #4, food can point out a crash dummy moment.

Me: Man I am hungry
Her: Well get something to eat
Me: Yea I will, I’ll grab something once I make it to my area
Her: What are you going to eat?
Me: Hmm I dunno I think I am going to go to restaurant 153 of the top 400 restaurants
Her: Huh what restaurant is that?
Me: Ohh I dunno off the top of the head, Ill have to look back in that magazine I have
Her: Ohh ok?
Me: Yea the magazine is from work but anyways the top 10 restaurants sales wise are all FAST FOOD except Starbucks and you wouldn’t guess which REGULAR restuarant is number 11…..guess?
Her: SONIC??
Me: HUH?!?!?! I said REGULAR restaurant as in dining in
Her: I wasn’t paying attention, I was reading this article
Me: But you still guessed a place though?

Situation #6: A conversation from yesterday, could stumble into a crash dummy moment of today.

Day 1:

Her: i see you swole….what did i Mean?
Me: you bout to watch ade tonight?
Her: ade?
Me: oops you’ll figure it out
Her: ???
Me: what are you doing tonight?
Her: nothing
Me: ohh alright well if you watch tv just reMember that question
Her: ok
well uhhh bye?

*At this point it seems random, but you can sense something coming…*

Day 2:

Me: what did you watch last night?
Her: so you think u can dance
Me: alright
Her: so what is ade?
(answer) Me:
Her: but ade?
Me: did you go to the link….?
Her: yes
nothing about ade
Me: so you clicked this link
opened it
and nothing on ade?
Her: lmao……omg
Her: ade

*Scrolls up, guess I spelled it wrong? Let’s see the explanation*

Me: didnt see a black dude?
Her: got it!!!!!! 😮
im a fan of jason though
he reminds Me of my lil cousin
Me: but you did go to the site though?
Her: lol yes
i see ade


Situation #7: The situation is set up with helping this crash dummy move some stuff into her new place.

Me: Where is the glass for the table?
Her: Inside the truck
*She’s inserting the key into the car to unlock the door even thought this is a 2006 F-150 so it has a keyless entry and alarm*
Her: I can’t get the car to unlock
Me: Why dont you press unlock on the key?
Her: I can’t get it to unlock, I don’t know what’s wrong
*as she’s trying to unlock the door, you can hear the door locking and unlocking in the background*
Me: SO why don’t you press unlock on your key?
Her: Ooooooh I did not even think to use it.  I forgot what it is used for
Me: Smh, maybe next time

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