Casual Summer #2

Although the summer comes to end next month, it is never too late to have a versatile summer unit on standby. Let us intake an outfit inspired by the Gap Incorporated brands which can fulfill your last minute summer request for a fairly reasonable price.

Starting from the top, this shirt is a black checkered patterned long sleeve button down from the Gap store.  The material on the shirt is fairly thin however, its lightness allows for a rather comfortable summer wear. In addition to this, it oozes that preppy yet classic (feel free to get a quarter or half role on the shirt) look that women tend to adore. Being a very price cautious shopper, I perceived myself lucky to catch this shirt on sale for $9.99.

Congruent to the previous Casual Summer post, we implement the long pants which take your summer wear to a higher level. The pants featured for this post are sponsored by Banana Republic, a higher value chain in the GAP Inc. line. These pants are a black striped half linen/half cotton blend which allow for that breathing room and laid back summer look. Now normally I would not do two separate patterns like this but the outfit comes together too well so it gets the confirmation code. At retail price the pants were $69 but after catching a sale and pairing with an employee discount they came out to a smooth $30.

Besides the sheer look of the unit together, the great thing about this unit is that it allows for a miscellaneous shoe game. One option  to consider for this attire are these basic black Old Navy (yes another Gap Incorporated store) flip flops which are usually no more than $2 to $5. Flips flops or sandals in this case would reflect an excellent choice for an outfit during the day of a cruise or walk on the beach. Another option that cannot fail would be these Stacy Adams square toes (these ran for about $40 or $50 but you can get an array of shoes like so at Burlington Coat Factory, K&G, or even Aldo). Square toes with this unit make for unperturbed Friday night happy hour with friends after a hard week’s work. Assuming you already have a shoe option in order, $40 allowed for attire that can be worn in many summer social arenas. Not bad at all…..

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One thought on “Casual Summer #2

  1. I’m loving the outfit. For those of you that love those “long walks on the beach” or active people (like me) that love running around in the sand, this outfit is perfect for BARE FEET IN THE SAND wear. With me, sandals tend to fall off or break.

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