Wedding Crasher Swag Attire

suitSup out there to all my wonderful swaggers and swaggets!  Hope you have been gradually increasing your swagger with every precious moment of life.  Today’s swagger lesson incorporates style at it’s best.  Lets see what we have here….
– Keayo Swag Fade… Check
– Soomenihu Swag Casual Wear…. Check
– Keayo Swag Ride… Check
– Keayo Swag Business Casual Wear… Check
– Yo Swag Owe My Swag Arythang Formal Wear… Listen up
Well if you checked out good on the rest its time to talk about wedding attire.  Stop crashing people’s wedding in Jeans, Reebox, T-shirts, Polo’s, and everything else non-appropriate and get hip to the official Wedding Crasher Swag Attire.

First, formal wear at its greatest exercises the fashion lesson of layering.  Start from the inside. Pick a fresh wife beater, with  no holes, no stains, no under arm mess, just fresh.  Tip: stop wearing beaters and undershirts with designs, this makes people concentrate more on reading what you got under your dress shirt and less time admiring your swag.  Next layer, choose a nice neutral color dress shirt. White, gray, blue, and light colors will do… anything too extravagant might be risque.  Only athletic cut or vintage fit shirts will work!  Your swag points go away when you have a baggy shirt that you just cant seem to tuck in enough on the sides.  Recommended brands are Banana Republic, Express, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.  Any other brands should be submitted by post for Swag approval.  Shirt should be fresh from the cleaners, medium starch at a minimum.

Next, time to starch up, pull up, and zip up your fresh suit pants.  No baggy Steve Harvey pants allowed and with no disrespect, no MJ (rest in gentle peace) high water pants should be on you either.  Nothing increases your swag more than a simple accessory… Suspenders.  Rule #1 no belt with suspenders, Rule #2 your suspenders must match you shoes or pants, and Rule #3 they should be tight enough to hold up your pants but not tight enough to see what you are packing, yah dig?!?!?!  Suit jacket… its all about the jacket.  Once again, athletic fit will bring the ladies in by admiring the contours of the male body.  Close up your Wedding Crasher Swag Attire with a perfectly picked tie.  This your chance to exhibit your true swag, pick something out that compliments and adds style to the rest of your attire… Till next time folks.


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  1. LOL, oops my bad! ALDO will always get you right for the latest and even classic style of shoes. Black or brown shoes only. Choose appropriately based on suit color.

  2. What about the shoes? How will I ever tell my man how to be completely swaggerful at a wedding if I don’t know what type of shoes to buy him? Please be brand specific.

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