Professor Swag in an earlier post has graced the masses with swaggeristics explaining the internal distinctiveness one should exhibit. How does one apply this externally? Let’s look into volunteering…..

Volunteering is imperative to anyone who can claim to have “swag”. Anyone can go into detail about what they are doing for themselves, family, and friends but what are they doing to make those around them (i.e. community) better. Imagine the difference of what a couple of hours a week dedicated. Off that soap box though, let’s look at a couple of opportunities you can dive into:

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

This is a great opportunity to get involved and/or active for a good cause. These races have been going on for 26 years as the race raises money and awareness about breast cancer and those who have survived. I have volunteered at this event in Dallas for the past four years with the last two years getting up at the crack of dawn and going to it with my boy Kenny. The first three years we helped distribute water to runners as they crossed the finish line with this past year working with the parking committee. The locations of these races are expanding so you maybe be able to run, volunteer, or attend more than once a year. You can find more information of these opportunities at http://ww5.komen.org/.


By far one of the EASIEST and quite most meaningful volunteer acts one can get involved in. BBBS is Big Brothers Big Sisters which matches you with a “little” to basically mentor. You can get active with the agency thru the school based (only meet with your little during school time) or the community program. To get involved with BBBS, all you have to do is go to their website http://www.bbbs.org/ and fill out the online application. If you hate online app’s, then do a BBBS locator search and apply in person. From there, they will contact you for an interview, conduct a background/reference check, and finally match you up. The process from application to match for me took about a month (supposedly this was rather quick since there is a need for big brothers). Since the match, we have done simple things such as playing basketball or going to the zoo to attending wrestling events that he loves. The best thing about BBBS is that the experience you create with your little is all up to you. There are some small requirements which include at least four hours a month with your little, attending a new match training after a couple months, and no overnight visits until that training has been completed. Outside of these requirements however, feel free to do things you both enjoy, venture out to new ones, and play role in young person’s life.

Feel free to share your volunteering ideas, opportunities, or experiences as well.


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  1. I love this!! Men who give back FTW!! There’s nothing worse than a successful man who gets so caught up in the rat race that he doesn’t give back. Soooooo not sexy :-/

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