Unlike Sprite, where image is everything, swag is not all about physical appearance, it has more to do with what is within… you know personality characteristics. For that i come to you with the lesson of Swaggeristics. Time to putchu on game!

In no particular order, a person of Swag must recognize, respect, and exhibit some of the following characteristics: honesty, educated, good sense of humor, adventurous, love kids, sensitivity, loving/kindness, ambition, consistencylove/relationship for/with God, and, some sort of health consciousness.

As mentioned earlier, swag is not all about appearance, the confidence in how you carry yourself adds to your swag.  Fellas, grab your pen and pads and take notes on what swaggeristics the ladies love.

Honesty– with this comes a sense of being ‘real’.  Fellas, its not cool to play with these ladies time and waste your time doing it.  First figure out what you want then just be real and tell these females about what you want.  Your swag is displayed in many ways when you tell the truth even if it hurts – i.e. if your not interested tell her you aren’t, stop playing the guessing game.  If you want a relationship, cool… if all you want is a$$, tell her that, many women will show appreciation for this swaggeristic and you will get more “play” than you could ever imagine.  I mean lets be real, some ladies are in it for the same reasons, atleast give the ladies a change to decide if that’s all they want too.  Same goes for just being hang out buddies, falling asleep on the phone late at night buddies, playing house buddies, acting boo’d up in public buddies, etc.  Swag is getting to know yourself enough to figure out what you want, than showing this swag by being “real” with the ladies.

Consistency – this almost goes hand in hand with being honest.  If you’re not interested in having a relationship be consistent by not acting boo’d up when you’re with her then transforming when you are not with her or vice versa.  Be sure that all your swactions and swords always go together.  Stop confusing folks.

Educated – as time goes on, this continues to rise on womens swaglist of needed qualities.  By education, this doesn’t mean everyone has to have a formal 4 year degree, this just says that you are educated enough to conduct yourself in a respectable manner, carry on good conversation, and always looking to better yourself.  That is the true epiphany of swaggerfulness.

Good Sense of Humor – no one wants a lameduck clown that can’t take a joke.  Someone of swag must exhibit a playful side when appropriate.  You don’t have to be the class clown, but loosen up a little bit!

Adventurous – try new stuff. Let’s admit it; clubbing, movies, drinking, and eating are all good date ideas but lets swag up these women’s life with sone new NEW.  Try a theatrical play, try a romantic dinner, how bout a walk in the town center, ever try an ice-cream date?  Use this time to unleash the swag in you and think of doing something adventurous you never done.  This is the ultimate swag.

Love Kids – need I say more?

Sensitivity/Loving/Kindness – show the ladies that you can drop your egotistcal side and pick up your swag. Learn the right moments to show you care about how a lady feels.  Understand what gives ladies tingles in their back.  Don’t be affraid to hold her hand, hug her, kiss her, tell her your inner-most thoughts.  Do this with confindence and your swag will forever live on!

Love/Relationship with/for God – I won’t go deep into this one, I like to live with the notion of “to each their own”.  But just realize ladies love a guy who respects some type of higher being.

Health consciousness – Fellas, the lady don’t want a fat lard!  No one is saying you have to be buff, super cut, extra fit, etc… but lets show off our swag with a sense of health consciousness.  More importantly, use this swaggeristic to gain inner confidence in yourself.  Stay healthy!

Ambition – say what? Swag is always aiming for the top and more in everything in life. Exploit your inner-most swag by accepting nothing less than your best.  Swag is showing that you will be a harder worker when the going gets tough.

Not everyone has every swaggeristic out there, but everyone has atleast some.  Its your job to recognize the swag in you and unleash it!  Till next time to all my swaggers and swaggets!

Ladies, did I leave out any swaggeristics?  What order would you put these in?  Any better description of this swaggeristics? Let us know what you think!!

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Professor Swag

4 thoughts on “Swaggeristics

  1. This is a very good synopsis, Prof Swag. All the things you mentioned are very true. I hope the fellas take heed and actually read this to enhance their inner swag. From a female perspective though, an additional swageristics to add is something about taking initiative in a relationship. It’s very important to women for men to be creative sometimes when it comes to romance and just life in general. For example, do the research to find a new restaurant, hangout spot, or organize a romantic getaway. Do ALL the work and surprise her. Also involved with initiative is doing things without being asked. Wake your girl up for church, take out the trash or wash her car if looks dusty. These small things are a simple way to win brownie points. Men, be leaders and example setters in the relationship. Even though a lot of women these days are independent financially, don’t be fooled by that, fellas. We still like to be pampered and taken care of by our men at least sometimes. Remember, if you take care of your girl, she will take care of you back . . .

  2. What turns me on in a guy is sitting down and watching him clean and cook especially a fine brother. Come to me baby I will always sing and cry…. Someone that can work together with a woman. You are correct abiut the Education part… In fact this is so on point

  3. I would say a relationship with God goes first, because with this, comes some of the other swaggeristics (i.e honesty, sensitivity/loving/kindness, love kids). I also feel that education is another important thing, because an educated woman wants a man on the same level as her. A good sense of humor is a must have (well for me anyway) because I can be goofy and I need someone who can make me laugh. I feel that all of the other swaggeristics are important too…so guys, class has started, and it’s time to take notes!

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