None like us, so none like us. Dress redefined

Straight to the point.  I am just giving a different side of dressing.  For those of you who don’t cut for the button down, slacks, khakis, ties, argyle, etc etc on a consistent basis there are other options.  I’m just here to present a different twist on dressing.

Pants: Levi’s 501 all day.  Red tabs and the inside leg tab as noted in the pics are essential.  As you read my post you will learn that I am big on subtlety.  Hard, sturdy denim that will last long.  You’ll never have to worry about a sloppy fit.  Make sure you buy the proper length too.  Levis will run you like 35 no more, no less at any given time.

Shirt: Dark black vneck.  Levis also, but you can go many ways with the brand.  Just make sure the collar aint all loose and the V don’t droop down to your navel have you lookin like a emo, hipster, homosexual…unless…you are …an…emo, hipster, homosexual.

Shoes: Prada A Cups all day too.  Used to be a low key shoe, but people starting to catch on, so there are a ton of fakes.   I suggest coppin from Saks, Niemans, Barneys to guarantee they authentic.  You can frequently catch them on sale if you time their sales to a science.   Ebay is also a good place to look, but you need to be able to spot a fake like the back of your hand before doing that.  And they come in a ton of assorted colors, but I think sticking to your blacks and greys with these is best to remain subtle and not trying to be too flashy.

Accessories: So as  you can see I included designer accessories.  Its not good to be a label whore, but certain labels make some of the best subtle accessories.  Accessories can make a fit.  Gucci, LV are great.  When rocking LV accessories I like to go with the Damier print b/c its not as gaudy with the LV’s all over and you can be real subtle with it.  Same with Gucci.  I like to stick with just the red/green color pattern as opposed to the interlocked Gs all over.  Gets tacky and ugly fast.  That said, is a good source to get authentic designer stuff for relatively cheap.  Just sign up for their email list or something and keep your eye open.  Some also say its not good to mix labels, but when you have a subtle look, it doesn’t come off as tacky imo.

If you have an iphone or some type of smartphone, sometimes designer cases can be a good look, but this is really not an “every time you go out” type of thing.  Round out the accessories with a handy reliable G shock watch and you’re ready to go.    G shock has been popular for decades.  They were popular before you were born and are on the uptrend again.

That’ll do it from my other perspective b/c quite frankly I think the “grown man” look is sometimes whored out when people do it 24/7.  Just a way to switch it up sometimes.

“when I was young I used to get beat with the belt and I felt bruised, now look Mama my belt’s Lou……..Damier; get it?  and I aint move dimes-a-yay to get it”