New Verses Please!

Ohhhhhhh how we’ve heard that music is just not what it used to be, the radio keeps playing garbage, or some new one hit wonder has dominated the club with no substance. Never fear though, we here at Swaggerful bring three artists that are doing their “thing” that you may not be aware.

B Reith

Emphasizing it’s not B. Reeth or B. Right, B Reith is a Christian hip hop and pop musician. What?!?!?! Yes, a Christian hip hop and pop musician who does his own songwriting and producing. The multiple talents within that merely demonstrate his “swag” but I digress. A co-worker enlightened me to his album, The Forecast EP (which was released 2008), and immediately felt my head nodding to the beats and overall production. Reith’s lyrical genius can be caught throughout his songs as evident in the love pop ballad “Awe-struck”, where he raps that a girl has him weak in the knees like Priest Holmes ’04 Week 10. Outside of this, Reith uses his voice to convey fairly simple messages without heavy use of Biblical reference.  He is scheduled to have a new album come out later this year but you can check out videos for “Awe-struck” and “Go On” and other songs at

B.O.B./Bobby Ray

B.O.B. also known as Bobby Ray is a hip hop musician who is currently signed with Grand Hustle (record label created by T.I.). BOB vs. Bobby Ray is the first mixtape I heard from him and his latest mixtape  that came out last month. The opening song, Patron & Swag Freestyle, grabbed my attention as he hit some realities primarily on what is currently playing on the radio. From here, B.O.B. hits messages on his brief career on “Say What You Want” which also features Killer Mike who tells B.O.B. a message to give to those who want him to autotune to the well crafted “Change Gonna Come” with his fellow Freshman of ’09 Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton. The second part of this mixtape features “Bobby Ray” which features a more melodic, laid back style by B.O.B. or Bobby Ray or however he wants to be called. If you listen to these tracks multiple times, you can hear a similarity to ATL-ien Cee-Lo. He is expected to have an album out later this year as well and you can download the previously mentioned mixtape at

Laura Izibor

Laura is an Irish artist/musician who released her debut album in May entitled Let the Truth be Told. Upon hearing her first two singles “Shine” and “From my Heart to Yours”, Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill comparisons instantly came to mind. Reading her biography I discovered she has also opened for several artists including Maxwell, India.Arie, and John Legend as well as being featured as one of VH1’s You Oughta Know. I strongly encouraging picking up her album in stores but you can check out her website at

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