My Swag Travels…

BladeOcean ViewMy swag usually keeps me fairly busy.  Between work/school, volunteering with various mentoring programs, working with other organizations I have joined, and of course maintaining aesthetic beauty and physical fitness, you could say that I’m a fairly busy individual.  However, part of being swaggerful is maintaining balance in your lifestyle.  No one wants to talk to the individual who is constantly working and seems to be consumed by their profession, just as one would quickly grow tired of the chronic partier who’s always on the scene and has little substance.  Therefore, if you work hard, it is expected that you play hard and one of my favorite ways to play is a vacation.  One of my top places to hit for a quick weekend trip or even an extended stay is Miami!

Its amazing nightlife, trendy eateries, and beautiful beaches make Miami perfect for mini vacays or full blown vacations.  I’ve also found that Miami can fit any vacation swag.  I’ve been to Miami on various occassions for varying durations.  My first visit was when I was 19 and my vacation swag, firmly set even at such a young age, was that of the youthful partier who wanted to be seen.  Clearly as an underaged girl, we were limited to where we could party, but with swag like mine, I made it into the VIP section of 21+ clubs and had the time of my life.  I also managed to build a rapport with the bouncer at Fat Tuesday’s who kept mine and my underaged friends’ mugs full of daquiri (not to mention extra shots).  Also, in our efforts to be “on the scene,” we stayed at one of the numerous hotels in South Beach’s Art Deco District.  We were of the mentality that the hotel didn’t matter since we didn’t plan on being in the room for anything other than sleeping.  The rooms were small and old, but clean and modern so we didn’t complain. All in all,  I had a BLAST!!

I recently returned to Miami with a good friend from undergrad this past 4th of July weekend.  As older and more mature travelers, we opted for a hotel a little bit off the strip.  The Mondrian, on 11th and West is situated near enough to the beach to only warrant a $5 cab fare, yet is far enough away from the frenzy and madness that you get to have an actual vacation feel at your hotel.  A blend of Victorian and modern themes, the rooms were spacious and well appointed with a full size kitchen in the room and interesting lighting and even flooring details that show the thought and effort put into the hotel’s design.   Despite having a lively bar/club on the first level, the Mondrian was nowhere near as noisy as our South Beach accommodations.  Also, the Mondrian, not constrained to the space limitations of South Beach hotels, had a pool.  A NICE pool, complete with a waterside view and a wading pool.  Along with the ability to order lunch or spa services by the pool, the whole hotel hinted at luxury and a touch of extravagance. It was awesome.

Another great part of Miami is the food.  Now, I’m not one of those people who lives to eat, weheras my friend definitely is.   I enjoy the act of going out to eat more than eating itself, so while I don’t necessarily go out to eat for the food, I definitely enjoy restaurants with interesting themes, decor, etc.  The first time I went to Miami we slummed it eating mainly Fat Tuesday’s (my bouncer admirer paid for our food) and other chain restuarants or maybe venturing to one of the other resetaurants spilling from the first floor of oceanfront hotels.  These restaurants were crowded, noisy, and not the ideal place for any kind of conversation other than drunken shouting.  This time around, my friend and I selected nicer but equally trendy restaurants not located on the strip.  Blade at the Fontainebleu had amazing sushi and a dark and even romantic interior.  Although it was located right next to Liv, one of Miami’s newest and hottest night spots, the atmosphere was still conducive to good conversation and good service.  Also on our list was Casa Tuya and Casa Grande, nice Italian restaurants we were unable to visit due to time constraints.

No matter how you do it, Miami is a great place to vacation.  From slumming it up on South Beach to stepping it up a notch on Miami Beach, you’re sure to have good times as long as you keep it swaggerful.  Ciao Bellos!


Ms. Boss