Let Me Put You On to Game…

Greetings and salutations to the swaggerful, culturally enlightened and generally fabulous.  I know I’m new to this swaggersphere, but trust, my swag has been tight for years.  For most of you, you have already attained a certain level of swagger; your dress game is tight, you are gainfully employed or in pursuit of higher education, and you are cultured in the ways of the world.  Most of you have the world at your fingertips, but there’s only one thing that boggles your mind; the fairer sex.  Honeys. Tastees.

Now as a female, I will be the first to tell you, women are very complicated creatures.  Ruled by emotion, we’re sometimes difficult to understand and even harder to please.  Males on the other hand, tend to be governed more by logic and have a “rational” thought process behind their actions. Women may be from Venus and men from Mars but fortunately for you, I’m bilingual 😉  So let me put you on to game…

If she ain't wrapping it up, she effin up!!Don’t Date a Girl Who Won’t Wrap Her Hair
Throughout history, Black women have gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain shiny, bouncy, behaving hair.  From the straightening chemicals in perms to the heat of a hot comb, maintaining black women’s hair is often a time consuming experience.  Maybe it’s just me, but for a female to not do what it takes to maintain her hair, she probably isn’t doing what it takes to maintain other things in life…:cough, cough RELATIONSHIPS cough, cough:

Also, if she’s hiding the fact that she wraps her hair at night, what else is she hiding??  That makeup she wears may make her look extra fly, but who knows what’s lurking beneath?? Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with makeup OR not wrapping your hair; I love wearing a full face of makeup when I’m going out and sometimes I don’t wrap my hair, putting it in a ponytail instead.  What I’m saying is that if her normal routine is to wrap her hair and she doesn’t do it when she stays at your place or vice versa, she may be hiding something.

Kerry Washington. Enough said.Look at these hoes....smhDo Date a Girl Who Looks Nice
I know you’re thinking this is super obvious but I’m referring more to the effort taken to look good than appearances themselves.  I constantly meet guys who say they won’t date a girl who wears makeup and I laugh at them.  First of all, if makeup is applied correctly, you shouldn’t even know she has it on.  Second, you should appreciate that a female takes pride in her appearance and makes that extra effort to look good for you.  Then, take this a step further; that mini-skirt and baby tee she wears when y’all go out is real cute but would you want her wearing that when she met your mom???  In this case, less is NOT more.  Also, you definitely don’t want a girl whose best outfit is her club gear.  You can’t wear club gear to church, dinner with clients, galas, etc.  I mean you can, but then people are gonna think she’s a hooker (see Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”).  Don’t necessarily look for the girl in the club (are you really still meeting girls in the club though???) with the shortest skirt, tightest pants, or lowest blouse; find the girl who looks pulled together and classy (not showin’ all the ASSY!!!) and WON’T get asked “how much for 2 hours?” when y’all leave the club.

Alright, swags and swaggettes, that’s enough for now!  Don’t worry, I’ll be pontificating the relationship mistakes of others and bringing you more relationship do’s and dont’s next week!


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  1. Honeys. Tastees. The pictures hilarious. I like the post though as it brings truth and substance to the fairer sex. I never considered hair wrapping to that said extend but the points seem fairly logical and the last thing a dude wants to see is a girl in a mini skirt trying to meet his parents. D E A L B R E A K E R! Keep them coming…unless you don’t want to…

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