Let Me Put You on to Game…Part III

Greetings, swags, swaggettes, and swag apprentices!  As you know, I’ve been trying to put you on to some game.  Some of these things may be familiar to you, some completely unknown, and others you have experienced but didn’t even recognize.  Either way, this will definitely help you take your relationship swag to the next level!  Now, let me put you on to game….

Don’t date a girl with “Relationship ADD”.

Relationship ADD (RADD) is a term that I coined in reference to myself and my inability to remain interested in people for extended periods (most people  have a 3-6 month shelf life with me), but after further consideration, I realized that RADD is a much more serious problem than I initially thought.  While I usually don’t have long-lasting romantic relationships, I keep friends forever.  I’ve been friends with everyone in my inner circle for at least 6 or 7 years and I have some who I’ve been friends with since middle school.

Some females however, change friends as frequently as I change shoes and that’s way too frequent.  These shiftless females have what I term “acute Relationship ADD”, a form of RADD that extends even into non-romantic relationships.  These females are hopeless and whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or a not-so-serious “situation”, are usually not worth the headache they will bring.  Usually these girls have issues with lying, being overdramatic, messy, or just plain dumb and that’s why they can’t keep female friends.  If they are unable to maintain friendships with members of the same sex, it is highly unlikely they would be able to maintain a relationship with you.  In regards to females you intend to have less of a lasting relationship with (jumpoffs), the drama that they tend to bring to any situation is definitely a dealbreaker.  No matter how fine she is or how strong the physical attraction, DON’T DO IT!


DO date a girl your boys like.

Obviously, you don’t want potential wifey smashing the homies, but you do want her to at least be cordial with your friends.  These are two major components of your life and if there is no harmony between the two it will definitely put a strain on your relationship with your boys AND your relationship with your potential boo.  Even if she’s not wifey and she’s just a jumpoff, no one wants to listen to their boys clown a girl for hours then have to go home to her.

Also, your boys are probably going to notice things about her that may slip past your not-so-observant eye.  It’s happened to everyone; you become so smitten with someone, whether it’s stimulating conversation or the size of the DUMPS, that you don’t notice the psycho bitch hiding behind those pretty brown eyes.  Also, as a female, I will admit that we CAN BE the ultimate actresses (refer to Lesson #1).  Like my grandmother always said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”  Psycho bitches are much more likely to let their “wifey mask” slip in front of your boys than they are to ever let you see the real them.

Finally, if you’re boys like her, she’ll probably like your boys.  This may seem unimportant, but when you’re trying to have a night out with the boys, it’s a lot easier to do if she doesn’t think your boys are total jerks who are gonna convince you to cheat on her with the first girls with dumps y’all see.  Plus, you’re boys are your support system and good friends will keep you in check IF they know that you have a good thing at home.

Well that’s about it.  You should now be equipped to better weed out the cluckers from the keepers.  That’s all I have for now, but don’t worry; I’m still watching other people’s relationships to tell you all the dumb things they do and people they date to help you avoid a similar unfortunate situation.  In the mean time, if you should run into any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at ms.boss@swaggerful.com Until next time! Ciao Bellos!


Ms. Boss

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