Let Me Put You on to Game…Part II

So last week I put you on to some game regarding females.  I pointed out some characteristics that indicated your girl’s swag may be a little sour and some characteristics to look for in the perfect swagmate.  This week the lesson continues so with no further adieu, LET ME PUT YOU ON TO GAME!
Don’t date a girl who always agrees with you.

Yep, I said it. Some of you are in shock right now, but some of you are nodding your head in agreement.  These girls are usually damaged goods.  They probably have daddy issues or other insecurities that will definitely come back to bite you in the ass in the end.  There’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting to please you or make you happy; you shouldn’t be with a girl who DOESN’T put you first sometimes and do things to make you happy.  However, if she puts your happiness before hers on ALL levels, this could lead to an extremely unhealthy relationship.  You and your #1 should have things in common and agree on a number of things but if she agrees with EVERYTHING you say, she’s probably doing this just to please you and has little to no concept of who she is as a person or as a woman.  Relationships like these always fall apart in the end or they make both parties very miserable.  You’re not dating a woman, you’re dating a female version of you.  Since no 2 people are alike, this tastee is probably hiding who she really is and you can only hide who you are for so long and usually when the truths like this come out, it EXPLODES out.  Diversity is the spice of life, so dating someone with different interests and opinions than you makes for a healthy relationship where you can discover something new about that person, keeping you interested and the relationship growing.

DO date a girl who knows more than you.

This is gonna be a hard one for the fellas.  I know you guys like to feel all manly and in charge and whatnot, but you can’t know EVERYTHING; if you do, what would be the purpose of conversations with others? They’re not telling you anything new or interesting so what’s the point?  Relationships require balance and balance requires her taking the lead on some things, namely areas you’re not too strong in.

Maybe you have an interest in fashion or fung shui but haven’t had the time to really explore those areas; find a woman who has experience in those things.  This allows you to create a balanced and equitable relationship while giving her a little ego boost.  Learning from one another is one of the best aspects of human interaction.  Plus, no one wants to date a dummy.

All in all, the two do’s and don’ts for today are effectively about balance and give and take.  As swaggerful men, you may enjoy taking the lead role, but for a successful relationship, it is CRUCIAL to let your tastee take control every now and again.  As a wise young man once told me, “you can’t meet your mate until you’ve met your match.”  Let that one marinate…

Until next week swag and swaggettes! Ciao Bellos!


*Special shoutout to fellow swaggette Ms. Kristen!! ♥*Claire HuxtableAgree

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  1. This post should be circulated through all male networks! SO SO True. Nice to see embrace women who bring more to the table than physical flexibility. Looking forward to your next update.

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