Hair Maintenance

Here on, we look out for our audience and give insight to a broad range of subjects like hotspots, relationships, and fashion. So due to our responsibility to the public and the demand from colleagues, waves will be the subject matter for this post.

Anybody can achieve waves depending on the work you have to put in them and if you have a texture of hair that will cooperate.


Materials: Du-rag (preferred) or wave cap, wave grease, hard or soft bristle brush, hair


Now that you have gathered the equipment, you can now attempt to moisture your situation. Keep up with your waves is like taking care of your lawn. Got to cut, edge, water to keep it looking nice and get the attention of your neighbors to make them take care of theirs too.

If you have what we call “carpet” hair, really tough for you to brush your hair two days after a hair cut then we will have to put in a little more work. The grease that will be preferred is Dax because it’s a thick product that will lay your hair down. It is in a red canister and can be purchased at your local Chinese or African hair supply place and also Sally’s. How often you wash your hair is up to you. I prefer everyday so the carpet can be laid down and use to being pampered. After the wash, apply about a finger tip full of Dax onto your hair in the direction of the waves. Brush, brush, brush your hair with hard bristle brush until you seem justified or when the arm tires from the action. Place your du-rag or wave cap inside out on top of your hair and be on with your day. It is placed inside out because you do not want that line going across your once your take of your du-rag or wave cap. This type of hair will be constantly brushing for being so tough.

If having decent to pretty (no homo) hair then less work will be applied to gain and maintain the waves. The grease used here is 360 or sporting wave in the black can; which is also found at any local supply place owned by an Asian or African. For the advanced users, ultra sheen will only have to be used. You can wash your hair every day, every other day, your preference. Apply the suggested greases onto your hair, fingertip full and apply with the pattern of your waves. Brush your hair with hard or soft bristle brush until satisfied and place the du-rag (because we graduated from the old wave cap) inside out on your head and be on your way.

As you can see, it does not take too much to gain and maintain waves. It just takes a little patience with a dose of swag and you will see results. Most hair will cooperate but there is some will just not get it. For the ones that won’t, maybe the Mohawk or dreads are for you. Mohawks and Gumby’s are trendy but ladies will always appreciate and smile for the waves.