Best I ever had

Drake has this song called “Best I ever had” which has been almost an anthem for so many females for the last few months (like he’s talking to them or something). Well, now Drake has finally come out with a video that females seem to hate. All my homeboys love the video though, go figure.

Watch it and tell us what you think?

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Minute 4:25 – “…Take that D! Take that D like the champions that you are…”

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12 thoughts on “Best I ever had

  1. lol….how is this video different from all the other crap that has been coming out for years?….i didn’t expect much….i mean one of his songs talks about f–kin every girl in the world…..

  2. I am SO disappointed w/ this video!!
    1. Drake is an actor. Not only was the concept piss poor…but so was his performance. I mean…he didn’t sell it AT ALL! WTH
    2. Concept was WACK. While there were funny parts “take that D like the champions you are”…pretty funny! However…the video had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do w/ the theme of the song! Again…WTH?
    3. The chicks were NOT even all that BAD! I mean…yes…they had big bubbies and probably big booties….but they were average AT BEST in the face! Yet again…WTH
    Overall…I’d have to give this video a D…and the only reason I’m passing it…is b/c I actually like the song. Bummer Drizzy Drake…GET your LIFE TOGETHER! :-/

  3. After Keayo broke the video down, this deeper is a lot deeper than it appears. It actually tells the awful truth about relationships. When most girls first heard this song they expected the video to be about that one special girl, the “best” right? But lets be real, you have these guys that are GAMING a team/roster/line up of girls telling them all that they are the “best.” And just as the video shows in the end…. they all lose. They get defeated by a team of girls that are “real!” So next time a guy tells you that you are the “best” and your really thinking your that special someone think about the video.

  4. This video was the shit!!! It was good as hell!!! lol!! I enjoyed every second of it! I think it was more of a comedy, so don’t get too upset ladies!! This is the same guy who said that he wants to f#@% every girl in the world!!! lol! What did you expect! I think he did this just to get this type of response! lol!

  5. What the hell? Naw man… yall was just playing right? i know yall was, because aint no way in hell yall could be serious about this shit. Drake. Kanye. Naw hell naw.

  6. Kanye West definitely disappointed everyone with this one.
    I wouldn’t have even put my name on something like this.
    Both are very creative artist, I don’t see how they could possibly
    have come up with something so bland! I am more than disappointed, this video does the song absolutely NO justice!

  7. On anticipation, I thought this video would be a romantic one. Ya know…Guy meets gorgeous girl and is enamored by her (or what have you). Then I saw the actual video and I must say I wasn’t impressed. It bored me to say the least…tits bouncing up and down(which i’m sure the guys watching it must have loved), horrible lighting, etc. However, after seeing it multiple times…I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole video must be a metaphor right? because I frankly dont know how to dismiss its fuckery.

    The girls on his team were pretty set. Big boobs, long hair and all that stuff that men lust after, while their opponent were average looking girls. The pretty girls lost, and the ‘average’ ones won. I’m guessing…somewhere in there is a moral right? Apparently, looks alone won’t get you far? And actual talent will? Who knows? Concept IS pretty weak.

    If you must know, I think Kanye’s ego has taken a dive. It’s all a plot to sabotage my po’ baby’s (Drake) career. Why else would he have directed the video? Tsk Tsk.

    Damn that Kanye! Sneaky one you are.

  8. can someone tell me who directed this nasty video that doesnt go with the song at all!!! total cop out to the corporate man. i thought drake would be a little different but i guess since he is under lil wayne you cant expect anything else. but its all good… ill just not watch the video. ill listen to the song and imagine a different video. i mean when i want to watch boobs bouncing, ill just take off my shirt, look in the mirror and jump up and down!

    sorry drake, but you need to make a new video!!

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