Cooking? Swaggerful? You playing right….unless you really did it

The opposite sex as discussed in an earlier post are complicated creatures that are sometimes difficult to understand and even harder to please. Here is a method to getting those brownie points.

Well before you read on here are a couple of tips:

1. Do not and I repeat do not do this for every female, honey, tastee, or whatever positive reference you use for a lady. Why? It loses its appeal and valued less. Whatever parameters you use to judge the ladies, please employ logical judgment before you dip into this (This blog post will not tell you what parameters to use as they are different for each dude depending on the goal in mind). Unless you are a professional cook or your career involves cooking, you do not have the permission to perform this.

2.  You will prepare and cook this meal AT YOUR PLACE. Do not try to be a catering extra nice dude and say, “Well if it is easier I can cook at your place.” Nope if you are that dude, please discontinue reading this post. You want to utilize your place because you know where everything is located and establish more of a sense that you know what you’re doing.

3. Whatever you decide to fire up for this honey dip, I strongly recommend K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid) and fire up something you have made before. You do not want to try something new in this instance without any previous experience on how the dish is supposed to come out or taste. She will come in there looking like what the heck is this immediately asking questions to which you may not have the exact answers.


4. Before you even step foot in the kitchen, please find out what this tastee likes or prefers to eat. By no means do you ask her what is her favorite meal or dish and cook that for her. That is just plain sappy, you may not have any idea how to make it, and she has ate that dish plenty of times and by no means are you to compete with her favorite dish (Woman love food (in general) and if it is her favorite dish she is a connoisseur.  The last thing you want her thinking is that her family or some dude name Tyrone, Leroy, or James made it better than you).  In addition to this, you definitely do not want to spend your time in the kitchen, dusted off your pans, stove burning for the time and find out she is allergic or thoroughly dislikes your prepared meal.

So you’ve been through the tips and now you are ready to fire it up.  As stated earlier, keep it simple but place a  little “swag”.  To break that down even further, the simple part here will be the three items you can prepare with the uniqueness being the items you decide to prepare (I will address this later). Start first here with the meat selection and I stress again make this simple. The female I prepared this dish for likes seafood so I chose salmon. If you know anything about seafood, you can rarely blow it on making salmon and this is E A S Y. Now here is where I instituted the “swag”, I bought a marinade from the grocery store and stored the salmon in a plastic bag with that overnight before cooking the next day. You are sitting here thinking, “Negro that is nothing special”, and you are by all means correct but the tastee will not see it as such. Here’s a test you can ask yourself in your head, if you were to tell her how you prepared the salmon or whatever meat you decide to cook and there is any doubt in your head that she would not give a response such as “Dang you really put some thought into this, that’s sweet” or etc, then you have already failed tip #1 of this post and realize you are effin up.

Next, you must have a side dish to complement the meal. Again I hone-in on the acronym of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). For the side to salmon, I made a sweet potato casserole. Again in this situation I found out she like sweet potatoes and made the casserole. The only difference from sweet potatoes and the casserole as pictured is the brown topping. Now at this point you are thinking two things: First, why does the casserole only have half of the topping? Secondly, I don’t see the uniqueness. Well versed points again but the casserole has only half of the topping because I was not aware if she was allergic to nuts (topping has pecans) so regardless she will still have a tasty side dish to enjoy. The uniqueness of this dish comes from it being a family recipe which we enjoy at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. This very well comes into play as a talking point at dinner just in case you cannot conjure anything else up. For example, if you see her enjoying said dish you could say something like, “Yea my mom makes this every <insert holiday, gathering etc.>, all the cousins love it. Does your family do big holiday or social gatherings?” A comment like this  can give you insight into her family and how much she values being around them.

Finally, wrap up the meal with a vegetable. Simple as the motto I did some green beans. Hit the frozen vegetable aisle in the store, select a bag of something, follow the direction, and season to taste. If vegetables happen to be your specialty, insert your style here. You can also do a dessert as well but this is not a necessity. I only recommend this if you have extra time and really trying to go the extra mile.

With these tips and details, you are well on your way to getting in there like swimwear.

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  1. Awww…any man that cooks ANYTHING (actually cooks) for me is automatically put in the starting line-up! And u’re right…any chica that doesn’t appreciate the effort SUX! Keep it movin’! 😉

  2. This is soooo tru!! Men always expect women to be the domestic ones so it’s definitely sexy when a man can cook for me!! The fact that a guy put so much time into something for me is really special. Good post!

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