Breakfast is All You Need

coffeeoven_toasted_breakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Yes, we’ve all heard it time and time again, however breakfast is essential to a swaggerful life.  Not just any breakfast, but a breakfast that is good, healthy, cheap and full of swag.

You can rush out of the house and spend $4 on a cup of nastiness from Starbucks or any other chain coffee shop plus 3-6 dollars on some kind of greasy on the go biscuit, taco, or any other mind-numbing item, but this is not a way to start off a day.

To get in the right mood I need to relax and take my time.  I get up 2 hours before I need to get to work so I can breathe and unwind before my day fills with stress.  I also brew my own coffee and make oatmeal to eat every morning.  What can be better then waking up and having your whole house or apartment smell of fresh coffee?

Now get this, a pound of real, organic fresh beans is about $9.99 at HEB or Central Market.  One pound of coffee lasts me about 2-3 weeks. That is less then $1 per cup.  If you need more, get yourself a reusable coffee mug and take it to work!

My oatmeal is Back to Natures Optimal Zen or Optimal Power.  I like Back to Natures because it doesn’t add any crazy ingredients especially fructose corn syrup (not a fan at all).  A box of 8 is about 4 dollars.  However, if you are not a fan of oatmeal, you can always whip together 2 scrambled eggs on half an English muffin with a slice of cheese or any other form or fashion.  A dozen eggs is about $2.99-3.99 and either a loaf of bread or English muffins are under 6 bucks as well.

About 2 weeks of work day breakfasts costs you about $20 all together, while spending money everyday to get your breakfast on the go will end up costing you an average or even a low estimated cost of $80 dollars.

I would say if you are wasting your money on breakfast on the go or not investing $20 dollars on a breakfast… you need too!  Saving money, being relaxed ready and fueled for your day with deliciousness is a part of a better, enriched and swaggerful lifestyle!


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