The Ride

2009 Acura TL
Acura TL 2009 Technology Package

Whip lookin’ like somethin’ from Transformers 2.

Thanks to the technology package, I finally found the car that accurately matches my swagger with it’s mixture of technology and style. Remember Knight Rider? The other day I told my car (verbally) to decrease the passenger temperature, call my home girl and tell me how to get to the nearest gas station. She’s so polite, no matter how many demands, she repeats what I said to confirm and performs the action.

The TL’s sexy in any situation. It’s sleek design can be shown off in a fortune 500 company parking lot and with it’s 10 speaker system equipped with sub woofer (comes standard), this car is sure to also turn heads in any hood.

My tint is too dark to see the soft, soft leather. It’s almost unfair the way I hide the interior design from people breaking their neck to check it out. Compartments all over the car for hiding things like your cell phone and iPod (which you can play and control through the steering wheel).

Gotta end it here though, there are way too many features for me to go over, like the way Acura hooks it up when it comes to service (free car washes for life and luxury roadside assitance). Wish I had more time to go into detail about this car, but you gonna have to hit up

2009 Acura TL

Check out what’s playing on my TL’s 40 GB hard drive:
Drake – So Far Gone
Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap
Eminem – Relapse
Lloyd – Lessons in Love
The Dream – Love vs Money
UGK – UGK 4 Life
Busta Rhymes – Back on my B.S.
Jadakiss – The Last Kiss
Method Man & Redman – The Blackout 2
Drama – Gangsta Grillz vol. 2
Camron – Crime Pays
Keri Hilson – In a Perfect World (no homo)
Few Mixtapes with Juelz and Wayne
Mix of Random Songs….

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  1. How swaggerful will you look when you get pulled over for your windows? Marinate on that! Nice ride tho 😉

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