479592855_CBvHR-M-1editThe previous posts have addressed your “whip” and clothes game but let’s talk about somewhere you NEED to go which is Playdate.

Yes I said it Playdate and if you are not aware of it I will explain now.  Playdate is essentially a game night that occurs once a month and is in cities throughout the United States from Los Angeles to Charlotte. You can actually check out the locations at

Like any other event there is an admission fee, I don’t know about any other cities but it has been $10 in the DFW area. They have numerous games there from your childhood favorites of UNO, Connect Four, Monopoly, and etc., to your updated such as Apples to Apples and bowling and tennis on the Wii. On top of this, around midnight or even earlier a host runs a slew of their signature games to get people involved and keep them entertained. Just in case you’re still are not sold…….

Here is why you go to Playdate:

1. There tend to be more ladies than males at such events.

I don’t think I need to explain this for you gentleman….

2.  Unique social environment

Game nights always provide for competitive yet fun environments to socialize. Combining this with a relaxed atmosphere, food and drinks, and a diverse group of individuals from throughout your city and you have a setting in which to mingle and have a good time whether you are single, seeing somebody, complicated, or married.

3. You need alternatives

Yes, the clubs/lounges appear to get old. You need to change it up and get a completely different vibe besides the loud bass of music and smooth grooving on the dance floor. Sink some battleships, connect some fours, hit the dance floor, rub the belly, and pose for the frame (they take a slew of pictures at the event).

and finally…..

4. You are a kid at heart, you need to release it.

You know you are still mad to this day at your brother and cousin Otis from your aunt’s second marriage who blasted you in Operation, Clue and Scrabble when you were a kid. Take out this frustration on some other cats in the building and then proceed to mingle with a tastee about this.

What to wear? CIMG2992sdsd

With Playdate being a rather unique event to the social scene, what you wear is somewhat important. I advise staying away from graphic tees or any other T-shirts because the organizers of Playdate wear their shirts (It is their event let them have ‘em). In addition to this, this is somewhat of a classier affair so you can save that tee for a club or some other hot day (Alright fine, feel free to wear a tee if you must but this is just my recommendation).  My advice however is to come with a polo, short sleeve collared shirt or the long sleeve button-down if you want. Jeans are very much accepted and perhaps the only way to go. Suits, slacks, and khakis are a tad bit excessive for this venue but again this is your choice.

So yes reminiscences on those old school days of sitting around the house playing Monopoly for hours and then re-live it as you pull up into Playdate to re-vibe your style.

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