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Fresh Fade

Jun. 24, 2009

You can never go wrong with the taper fade when deciding on a hair cut. When you’re in Austin, simply exit 35 and head east on 12th street until you hit a barbershop called The Village. Danny (wears dreadlocks) will be sure to make sure leave with an accelerated level of much needed freshness.

Now why the taper fade? The taper fade is half way in between a regular hair cut even all around andĀ a bald fade where you have hair on the top of you head but fades to baldness along all the sides and back. With the taper fade you get the sophistication of an all even cut while still displaying an optical illusionĀ of the fade along the sideburns and kitchen area of your head.

Edge Up

Now Danny likes to first start off with an edge up using his Outliners before commencing to the actual hair cut. During the hair cut, Danny uses a series of different clippers and several blade length settings on each one to distribute an even fade behind the head and along the side burns. This is important because so often you see guys with taper fades that have only two or three tiers sometimes starting to high or too low. This is not a bald fade, the taper fade must start from the very top of the head all the way down to the neck and beard. It must have multiple levels of hair lengths every quarter inch causing a seemless transtion in the fade.


The dynamics of the blades going across your head causes billions of tiny hairs to become trapped with in your hair which shed through out the day. Because of this, people like to take immediate showers after their haircut. The dilemna is that sometimes you have to go straight to an event or back to work after your cut, so Danny offers a shampoo. After your shampoo you can brush your hair for the rest of the day and not have to worry about tiny little hairs falling all over your clothes, books, food, and friends.

Razor Edge

Now the first edge up is great, but if you really want your line to stand out, a razor edge is how to accomplish that. Your edge up will last much longer and the seperation between hair and skin is much more apparent. Be careful as you are getting a razor edge up because the blade used is VERY sharp and can slice bits and pieces of your ear, nose, lips, cheeks, etc. To protect your skin from bumps the barber should put shaving cream on parts that will be cut and at the end of the haircut that liquid stuff that stings alot should also be applied to edged up areas.

Final Cut

There you have it, the “Fresh Fade”. To help out your barber, please maintain your hair properly by keeping it moisturized and brushed all the time. If you have waves, that will also make the barber’s job easier because it adds to the fade. Deep waves make your hair look like the ocean and your fade look like tides rippling over the sands of a beach.

For tips and tricks about how to maintain waves, please consult either Eugene Omenihu (Sooomenihu) or Kwame (K.B.) Cyrus.

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