Business Casual…

When I teach seminars, the clothes that I wear are part of the presentation.

lavshirtYou can find some nice shirts wrapped in plastic bags at Marshall’s. This shirt (though it may look pink in the picture) is striped white and lavender. It’s probably about 120 degrees in Texas right now, so i keep the sleeves rolled up.

undergarmentsThe Polo Ralph Lauren v-neck under shirt helps keep the sweat off the armpit area while keeping the under shirt colar unexposed.

charpantsMost of my slacks are made by Perry Ellis. These ones are charcoal colored and go nicely with the Kenneth Cole belt.

nikewatchAnother accessory to go with the pants is this black and silver digital Nike watch (200 retail but got it as a gift from Nike a few years back).

charaldoshoesThe outfit is complete with charcoal colored Aldo shoes and some black socks.

I planned on wearing the outfit last night during Ejede’s Wine and Chocolate tasting, but I fell asleep after my seminar, wish I could have made it.

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